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how to remove kitchen cabinets

How to Remove Kitchen Cabinets

If you need to remove your cabinets in your home for a renovation project, it may not be a good idea to take a sledgehammer and smash them up. Although you may see people on the television shows like Property Brothers on HGTV having fun destroying old cabinets, your cabinets may not warrant such tactics to remove …

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how to treat untreated pine

How to Treat Untreated Pine

I absolutely love iced coffee. I especially love a certain coffee chain’s caramel macchiato. The problem with iced coffees is that they condensate quite a bit, and I tend to nurse my drinks. When that sweat drips down onto my wooden table, it can create a hideous water stain that would ruin the look of …

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oil based paint drying times

Oil Based Paint Drying Times

I write a lot about painting. While I wouldn’t call it a hobby, I find that paint can be an inexpensive and quick home renovation that I can do on my own. Plus, it’s a quick fix for when you get tired of the way something looks. There are hardly any drawbacks to using paint, …

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paint crown molding

Paint Crown Molding Like a Pro

I have a decorating secret pleasure that may seem a little dumb: I love crown molding in a room. There is nothing as beautiful to me as the stark contrast of a painted wall with white crown molding and base boards. I mean, that’s why we frame out windows and doors, right? Of course, you …

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DIY Board and Batten Front Entry

I’m a bit of a detail freak. A perfectionist, I guess. I refuse to start a project unless I have a clear idea how I am going to handle every little intricate aspect. That’s probably why I put off this DIY board and batten project in our front entry for so long.

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