Complete List of Things That Can be Folded for Storage

I don’t know about you, but I have stuff everywhere. There are clothes, spare towels, extra blankets, different chargers, and so many reusable bags. Everything just takes up so much space throughout my house and I need to find ways to free up some of it.

things that can be folded

One way to free up space is by folding things for quick and easy storage. Whether you’re looking to store things throughout your house to have easy access to or actually putting stuff in storage, keep reading to find various things that you can fold for easy storage.



Shirts are a quick, and obvious, thing that you can fold for storage. You can go through your clothing and store seasonal clothes in boxes in the basement, attack, or a storage place. Then when you need those warm winter shirts or breezy summer tanks, they will be neatly folded and waiting for you.

For one way to fold shirts, and other items, check out this blog post. It’s possible that by folding your clothes in a different way, you won’t have to worry about where your going to store all the new clothes you get for the next season.


Another pretty obvious thing you can fold, jackets. Jackets are big and bulky, made to keep you warm and dry. But because of that, they take up a lot of room where ever they are. Whether they are hanging in closets or on hooks, they take up so much space.

By folding them up and storing them somewhere else for the hot seasons, you will free up so much space in your closets or on your hooks. The bulky jackets can be really annoying and difficult to fold, but the amount of space you will then free up is definitely worth it.


Putting your sweaters in storage is another quick way to save space. I know that I have some bulky hoodies that I love, but are too warm to wear in the summer even when it cools down in the evenings.

Folding them up and putting them in storage for a few months will make more room for your summer wardrobe, and is quick and easy. You can store them with your jackets to keep all your top layers in one place, or separately if you have a lot of sweaters.

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Whether it’s snow pants, jeans, shorts, skirts, folding your various bottoms for storage is something you can do pretty quickly. In the summer, for the most part, you’re not going to need warm snow pants or a ton of jeans, so you can fold them and put them in storage.

Conversely, in the winter, you probably don’t need all of your shorts and skirts out. Most bottoms don’t take up a lot of space folded so you can put a ton in a box and then bring them all out at once.


This may seem super weird to some people, but folding your underwear is actually really useful. A lot of people just toss them in a drawer or part of their closet, but folding them does not take that much time and makes where ever they are stored a lot less messy. You can find the underwear that you want much quicker when they are folded and neatly stored away.

Folding your underwear will also show you how much room you have for more underwear by freeing up more space. Whether it’s for a day around the house or a date night, folding your underwear will make it that much easier to grab the perfect ones and then move on with the rest of your day.


I have way too many purses and reusable bags. But folding some up for storage is a way to save a lot of space. You won’t be able to fold certain purses, depending on the material, but for those you can fold, do it!

Now, you can buy some reusable bags that already fold up into a tiny little pouch, making storing them anywhere easy. But the big loud grocery bags can not fit into a little pouch. They can, however, still be folded into a smaller square. You could then store them in one reusable bag and grab one bag with the others in it when you are heading to the grocery store.

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There a ton of blankets in my house. I have extra blankets in my room, some in the living room, and some handmade ones that were made for me or passed down to me. If you find yourself also with an abundance of blankets, it’s a good idea to put some in storage.

Maybe it’s just for the hot summer months, maybe it’s ones that were handmade or passed down to you, maybe they are going to a storage container, or maybe they are just going in a box in the basement, attic, or garage. Whatever the reason and wherever they are going to end up, folding your blankets for storage is easy and gets them out of your way.


Fitted sheets, the ones with the scrunchy part that goes on top of your mattress, are super annoying to fold. I also have a few extra top sheets laying around because I don’t like those on my bed. But folding both types of sheets makes storing them so much easier.

Fitted sheets are harder to fold, it can feel like a battle sometimes, but luckily more of those are probably in use. Folding both types of sheets makes storing them anywhere easier, even if it takes a few tries for those fitted ones.


Most people have a ton of towels. If you have a large household this is especially true. The nice thing about towels is that they are very easy to fold. You can fold them and put them in closets or cabinets for easy storage, or even baskets.

Folding spare towels gets them all out of sight and makes storing them anywhere that much easier. It also makes it so much easier to grab one before hopping into the shower or before leaving for a day at the beach.


Washcloths are used so much in my house. We use them to clean the counters, wipe up any spills, and for drying hands.

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They are all folded and stored in a drawer in our kitchen for easy and quick access whenever anyone finds that they need one. They are easy to fold and store anywhere because of their size. It’s also nice to have them stored and neatly folded all in one place.

Camping Chairs

Camping chairs can be used for more than just camping. People use them in their yards, the beach or river, even parades. One nice thing about camping chairs is that they are made to fold down smaller for easy storage.

Unlike other outdoor chairs, they can collapse and be shoved into a bag and then put anywhere. You can put them in a basement, attic, or garage and quickly pull them out only when you need to use them. They are designed to fold down for easy storage, it’s not some trick or hack, but the actual design of them.


Rope can be so annoying. You never know when you might need it so it’s nice to already have it, but it’s just there and takes up so much space. And whenever you need it it’s always tangled up. But by folding it up, looping it around in a circle, in this case, you can then easily store it anywhere.

To secure the rope together you can put tape around it then cut it when you need the rope. By folding it up, you can store it anywhere, only getting it when you need it.

Electronic Cables

I have a ton of cables just laying all over my house. There’s my extra phone cable, my camera charger, my kindle charger, my laptop charger, the cords are everywhere. By wrapping them up, the same way as mentioned with rope, putting it in a small circle, and securing it so it stays in that shape, you can then store them anywhere.

To secure them you can use tape, binder clips, or even string. You can then store them in a drawer or basket and not have to worry about detangling them when you need them.