What is MDF Baseboard?

What is MDF Baseboard?

Having carpenters in my family makes me partial to the beauty of wooden construction. Whether it’s painted, stained, or naked, wood is a great product for building, carving, and finishing projects. One area wood often is used in is casings, crown molding, and baseboards. A newer product has emerged on the market called MDF for

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Raising Subfloor

Raising a Subfloor

Let me tell you about my home. It was built in 1969 and still has the original hardwood floors throughout. When I purchased it, there had been some renovations completed to restore the old wood from what once was carpet. Other rooms, like the bathroom and kitchen, have a beautiful laminate laid over – well,

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How to clean a table saw top

How to Clean a Table Saw Top

When you have a table saw, it becomes your go-to saw for every project, big or small. They are relatively easy to use and can be used for many different projects, from cutting big beams, to pieces of plywood, and even more detailed woodworking projects for those with enough experience. Table saws can be kept

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