how to preserve birch logs

How to Preserve Birch Logs

Most people love birch logs during Christmas time. However, you can use birch logs to decorate your home at any time of the year. So, how do you preserve birch logs? Birch is a great focal point in any room. This tree is often used in many DIY projects, including luminaries, tables, bedposts, and more. …

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what is terrace level

What is Terrace Level?

Patios, balconies, and terraces… oh my! Okay, so these interchangeable terms are not necessarily as intimidating as lions, tigers, and bears. However, when searching the housing market, these terms can bring a lot of anxiety. Terrace level often is a descriptive term used in housing reviews to mean that it is equal to the ground …

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what is latex paint used for

What is Latex Paint Used For?

Walking into Home Depot and Lowe’s as a homeowner is an exciting task. Home improvement and renovation ideas run through your mind at warp speed, but your wallet says you need to stick with an inexpensive project. Enter the painting department. Walking down the paint aisle, you’ll see many colors and finishes. But what’s with …

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will bleach kill grass

Will Bleach Kill My Grass?

I spend a lot of time tending my garden so that my family and I can enjoy our backyard oasis in our downtime. One common annoyance in my garden beds is weeds – but more importantly, patches of grass that creep between the cracks in my concrete patio. Not all weed killers attack everyday grasses, …

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DIY Board and Batten Front Entry

I’m a bit of a detail freak. A perfectionist, I guess. I refuse to start a project unless I have a clear idea how I am going to handle every little intricate aspect. That’s probably why I put off this DIY board and batten project in our front entry for so long.

DIY Nighstand Plan

Easton Nightstand Plan

Happy Monday! The weather is finally starting to warm up here and it looks like spring is on the way. Today, I want to share our latest plan: the Easton DIY Nightstand plan. Why “Easton”? Well, because Pottery Barn already claimed “Elliott”. 😉 This is a great nightstand that you can build for under $60. …

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How to Build a DIY Train Table

What do my wife and Matt Foley, the motivational speaker, have in common? No, she doesn’t live in a van down by the river. But they have both crushed their share of tables.

DIY Train Table Plan

If you’ve spent any time on the interwebs lately, you’ve probably noticed that farmhouse tables are kind of a thing. We didn’t really want to miss a ride on that bandwagon, but we don’t need a dining table. What we did need, however, was a new train table for our son. See, his old one …

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