Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt: The Perfect Shade of Girly Blue

To create the perfect nursery for our daughter, we needed to start with a fresh coat of paint. I wanted the perfect color for this room, and the grayish taupe color that it was just wasn’t working. Although gray is a really popular neutral choice, our whole house is/was painted this color at one point, and we were ready for something different.


The new color had to be one that was bright and soothing and girly. Our first thoughts were to do a light dull pink or to actually do a cream colored wall with a pink ceiling. Well, I chose a pretty pink and a cream color. Then I threw in a yellow color sample and a light blue color sample because apparently I like options—except that means I have to think harder and torture myself to pick among four now rather than two. I knew the soft pink was a safe choice. You can’t really go wrong with pink in a girl’s room, so that was it! OR WAS IT?! Literally hours and many even minutes before I headed out the door to purchase the paint, I changed my mind. BLUE.


NEVER did I think I would have gone with a hue of blue for my little girl’s nursery. (I did have two boys already. I was kind of tired of blue! I was ready to tackle the world of pink.) However, after all the deliberating and struggling with the idea of blue for a girl’s room, I couldn’t be happier with our choice. It’s is absolutely girly in a soft way, and we were ready to kick it up a notch with some pops of coral and yellow. These colors are so fun when paired together.


The paint color we chose was from Sherwin-Williams called “Sea Salt.” I will be honest, we always buy Dutch Boy brand paint because it’s pretty decently priced–remember this is a room on a budget! So, we had it color-matched at our local Menards store. I was surprised to see that when we went to Menards to have it color-matched, they already had the paint color codes in their system to match this Sherwin-Williams color. That was helpful in building my confidence when I was a little leery about my decision to cross brands and try color-matching. Because let’s be honest, choosing paint is pretty tricky, and we have all gone wrong choosing a paint color at some point in our lives. Be confident, though, this one is a winner.

My handy hubby also added crown moulding to this room, and that was the perfect touch.


This color is soft and pretty and fairly neutral to pair with a lot of colors. It turned out to be the perfect base for our nursery. Don’t you think?


(Does anyone else’s heart start to race after you have told the paint counter to officially mix the paint? I think it’s that feeling of…there’s no turning back now! Oh well, all the heart palpitations at the paint counter were worth it this time.)

I think this color works for all ages, too, so if by some chance we don’t paint her room for quite some time, I believe she will be happy with it as she grows. I can see this color easily morphed into something mature and sophisticated.

On a side note, if you are looking for a nice color for a bathroom, one that brightens a small room, I would encourage you to consider Sherwin-Williams “Sea Salt” as one of your options. Pair it with a sea glass tile, and oh man that would be a knockout. Uh oh, Charlie, beware…ideas are coming to me! 🙂


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