Sweet, and Oh So Girly Nursery

Charlie and I welcomed our baby girl this past August. I have been waiting for a little girl for quite some time, and so she just had to have a sweet little nursery.

I started planning early on because this was my third pregnancy, so I knew my energy was going to be short-lived. My first goal was to find a crib bedding set that I could focus the room on, so I started looking for crib bedding and nursery decor ideas on Pinterest. Ugh! That was a big mistake! If I was going to purchase the crib bedding that I saw and loved on there (Etsy) and all the cutesie decor to hang up along with it, I was going to have to find a really good paying job – one that pays more than snuggles in the morning and slobber on my clothes. Maybe I could sell an organ? This IS my little girl we are talking about.


After months of searching (yes, months–not exaggerating!) I was defeated and trying to come to terms with the fact that I would just end up buying a crib bedding set that I was less than enthralled with because I wasn’t willing to spend the big bucks on it. Then, while walking through Target, I found this pillow and for some reason-like the clouds opened up and I heard the Hallelujah Chorus–I decided this pillow would be my inspiration for the perfect baby girl nursery. (And I bought it THAT DAY–which is huge for me because I don’t buy things without over-evaluating and thinking thoroughly how this could possibly alter my life in some way, somehow. HA! Decisions are rough for me.)

So, with excitement and a little delirium, I started my DIY baby nursery. First on the agenda–crib bedding. Sure, I could make my own crib bedding to go with this. Right?! I saw all sorts of images coming to mind of what spectacular things I could do. WAIT A SECOND. I have NEVER sewn more than one thing in my life–a pillow–and a pretty pathetic pillow at that. I didn’t even own a sewing machine, but I had always wanted to learn. I ordered my sewing machine and learned a lot while creating this little piece of heaven–my daughter’s nursery.

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I, personally, love it. Sweet, and oh so girly.

The best part–I didn’t need to get a paying job or sell an organ. PHEW. I love DIY. It’s all the pleasure without the guilt.

Here’s the end result!

The DIY projects we finished for this room included the following:

Stay tuned for some posts on how we made this little piece of heaven happen on a pretty tight budget.

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