Baldwin vs. Schlage: Which one is best?

We’ve been busy with this home renovation for quite some time, and the journey has been quite exciting! After working on many projects throughout the home, we are not focusing on which locks to buy for our new entry doors. If you will recall, a few articles ago, we had an extensive discussion about correct door handle heights.

Well, now that we have chosen the perfect entry doors for the front and back, we’ve decided to change out the locks that came with the pre-hung door to something more durable. We’re considering Baldwin and Schlage, but which one is better?

Baldwin vs. Schlage

As with all high-quality products, it comes down to the needs of the person installing the product. Both are about equally the same. However, Baldwin is a much more trusted brand for those who want keyed entry, and Schlage is much more reliable for its keyless models that work well with smart homes. Usually, we would choose old-fashioned, trusty Baldwin for its keyed entry. However, we’ve decided to take a walk on the wild side and get smart locks with this renovation. So, we chose Schlage for our renovation project.

This doesn’t mean that you should follow our lead and choose Schlage. So, instead of us saying, “be like us and get Schlage locks,” I felt it would be fair to share with you interesting information about both so that you can decide which will work best with your renovation project. So, check out some of the exciting information I gathered about Schlage and Baldwin locks.


Baldwin History

In 1946 Severin Fayerman founded the Baldwin hardware company. Son of immigrants, Fayerman and his family came to the United States from Poland in 1945 on the heels of World War II, seeking to rebuild a new life in the U.S. In a short time in the U.S., he and his family pooled their money together to buy Baldwin Tool and Die Company.

One of their most famous inventions they developed shortly after acquiring the company was the brass letterbox which allowed mail carriers to insert mail through customers’ front door rather than a mailbox. They went on to create doorknobs, chains, mortise locks, and other essential hardware that have become standard household products. According to architects, designers, and builders, this lock has become one of the best locks for its luxurious craftsmanship and safety.

Schlage History

Fayerman wasn’t the only comeback kid to grow a successful lock company. Born in Germany, he eventually moved to San Francisco. After dealing with a devastating loss of his home from a major earthquake, he recovered by eventually getting married and pursuing more education in electrical engineering.

Eventually, he came up with an astounding idea that was light years ahead of its time. It was known as the light switch lock. This lock would work by turning on the room lights once someone turns the knob to open the door. It was an invention meant to keep people from fumbling around in the dark looking for light switches.

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Unfortunately, this invention didn’t work out because the volts of electricity kept shocking people, even Schlage himself. However, he didn’t give up. He eventually came up with an invention called the tilting knob lock, which helped people lock and unlock doors using the knob. He eventually teamed up with Joseph Ruegg, who helped raise money to support the company while Schlage focused on manufacturing.

Together, they formed the Schlage Manufacturing Company. Schlage eventually transformed the tilting door lock concept into the push button concept, which is still popular today on doors.

Although his company was booming, it had grown too big and started losing money despite being very successful. Eventually, Charles Kendrick took over the leadership of the company and saved the company. Although Schlage was a small business, Schlage’s spectacular knack for innovation made it grow and overtake the lock industry. They almost failed again during the Great Depression. However, Kendrick’s clever thinking kept the company afloat, and it went on to produce many more great inventions and grew internationally. Until this day, they create beautiful and innovative locks.

Important Things To Consider When Buying Locks

After looking at the history of both top-rated lock companies, it’s hard to choose because both have such celebrated histories behind them. Therefore, let’s look at some other factors that can help you narrow down how to choose the perfect locks for your entry doors.


When purchasing a lock, one of the most important considerations is safety. A front door made of solid materials will be the first line of defense when it comes to making sure you and your family remain safe. However, the greatest strength of a door is in its lock. Therefore, you will need to know the types of locks that will provide the most security for your property. One of the most secure locks is a deadbolt lock. These locks have a mechanism within them that can’t be forced back into the door. Therefore, burglars will have difficulty trying to break into homes with such a lock.

Types of Locks

While deadbolt locks are one of the most secure, there are other locks that are also secure. If you don’t want a deadbolt lock in addition to another type of lock, here are some other secure locks that you can choose from:

  • Single cylinder – common type of locking mechanism with a keyhole on one side and a thumb lever on the inside door
  • Double cylinder – this type of lock has a keyhole on both sides of the lock
  • Jimmy proof deadbolts – these locks are similar to deadbolts but are mounted on the interior of the door rather than within the door
  • Handle locks – this type of lock is built into the door handle
  • Lever handle locks – these locks are similar to handle locks but have a lock on a horizontal lever
  • Electronic locks – this lock either has a keypad combination or can be used with a smartphone to unlock the door
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Keyless or Not

Many traditional locks will have a key to enter the home. However, in recent times, keyless entry has become a more popular means to enter the house. This type of lock is usually opened using a combination of numbers that are known to the user. These locks can also be linked to a smartphone, and you can use them to unlock your door remotely without touching the keypad.

Baldwin vs. Schlage: keyless


Most of the lock components are made up of materials such as brass, die-cast zinc, or stainless steel. These materials usually make up the actual locking mechanism. Other features of the lock may be made of chrome, brass, steel, or nickel. When choosing your hardware for your door, it will be a good idea to keep in mind what materials will work well with the type of door you have.

Baldwin Prestige Carnaby Entry Knob featuring SmartKey in Satin Nickel


While style may not be one of the most important things to consider when buying a lock, it is still a part of the buying process. For example, if you have a chic door style, then buying a clunky lock can quickly become an eyesore on your door. On the other hand, if you have a vintage-style door, then it may be a good idea to use vintage-styled locks to go with the overall style of the door.

Where To Buy Baldwin and Schlage Locks

The good thing about Schlage locks is that it’s been around for a long time, and it is an internationally known and recognized brand. Therefore, it is available in many places. Some of the most common stores to find a Schlage lock are big box stores like True Value, Home Depot, Ace, and Lowe’s. Other places include online retailers like Menards, Build With Ferguson, Amazon, Wayfair, and Do It Best. A few other places to find this lock include Walmart and Grainger. If you want to know which retailers near you sell Schlage locks, you can also visit the Schlage website to find the closest retailer in your town.

Like Schlage, Baldwin has an excellent reputation for making locks, and it has been around for quite some time. So, it can be found in plenty of places, including Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon, and Grainger. However, they are also available at plenty of mom-and-pop hardware stores too. As with Schlage locks, you can also visit the Baldwin website to find out who else in your local area sells their locks.

Baldwin vs. Schlage: manual entry

Pros of Each Lock

So now that you know what to look for in a lock and where you can find each of these locks, it all boils down to comparing the pros and cons. This is the part where the vetting process gets very specific. So, what are some of the pros of each lock? Well, based on the brief history included above, it’s safe to say that both are top-quality brands. Baldwin has plenty of design choices, it is a very durable lock, and it is affordable. In terms of aesthetic beauty, Baldwin ranks high in this category. Many architects and builders would probably recommend Baldwin for its beautiful hardware designs.

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Schlage also has some excellent lock designs. Their locks are also very durable. And if you are considering locks compatible with your smart home, then Schlage is the way to go. Their leadership in innovation is not surprising, considering their founder was the leader in lock innovation for many decades, creating some of the most astounding inventions in the industry.

Cons of Each Lock

When it comes to cons, I have to say, I didn’t find too many with either lock. One major disadvantage of the Schlage lock is that it may be much more expensive than Baldwin locks. On the flip side, Baldwin locks are not as dedicated to innovation as Schlage locks are. However, Baldwin is starting to see the value in smart technology and has introduced its line of Evolved locks which incorporate high end luxury and technology into these locks. Schlage also has its smart locks. Their locks are more compatible with Wi-Fi, but Baldwin locks are “evolving” by incorporating locks you can open with the touch of a finger.

Baldwin vs. Schlage At A Glance

Pros of Each Lock

Cons of Each Lock

  • Lots of design choices
  • Not compatible with smart home assistants
  • Affordable
  • No app to control keyless apps
  • Highly durable
  • Beautiful designs
  • Plenty of beautiful designs
  • Expensive
  • Very durable
  • Compatible with smart home assistants and wi-fi

Which Lock Should You Choose?

It’s really a tough call when both lock companies have such a solid reputation and a massive array of valuable hardware to choose from. In the end, we chose Schlage because as we renovate, we are upgrading to a smart home technology. However, Baldwin shouldn’t be overlooked. It is creating some innovative technology, also.

When deciding which lock is best for your home, using this article as a guide can really help you narrow down your choices. But ultimately, the decision rests with you. If you are obsessed with the beauty and security of your entry door hardware, then go with Baldwin. However, if you are intrigued by design and technology, Schlage may offer many more options, especially if you are making your home into a smart home. For more entry door lock buying tips, check out consumer reports.