Can a 10 inch table saw cut a 4×4?

When working with wood, you tend to need at least one saw. The larger and thicker the wood, the larger the saw will need to be. This is true for everybody, whether you are doing a DIY project, work with wood as a hobby, or are getting paid to work with wood. 4X4s are used in construction and smaller projects all the time. But the type of saw to use with a 4X4 is hard to figure out. This brings up the question, can a 10-inch table saw cut a 4X4?

Can a 10 inch table saw cut a 4x4

Yes, a 10-inch table saw can cut a 4X4. However, it can not cut it all in one go. It can only cut material that is 3.5 inches thick, so you will have to do it twice. A 12-inch table saw will be able to cut a 4X4 in one go.

The 10-inch table saw will get the job done, but it takes some time since you will have to feed the wood through the blade twice to cut it all the way. This can be tricky because you will have to try to make sure the cut is in the exact same place the second time to be sure that the freshly cut ends are perfectly straight. A 12-inch table saw is the way to go if you don’t want to deal with all the hassle that comes with using a 10-inch saw to cut the 4X4 you are working with. Find out why, and how to cut a 4X4 with a 10-inch table saw, by reading below!


4X4 Uses

4X4s are used all the time for so many different projects because of how strong they are. They are often used for decks and fences as supports beams, partly because of how strong they are, but also because they are made to last in all weather conditions. Because of the pressure treatment that 4X4s go through to make them hold up well outdoors, they are used all the time for many DIY projects. Some of these projects are flower/garden boxes, outdoor chairs, pencil holders, giant outdoor dice (for a game called YARDZEE), and so much more.

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There is really an endless amount of projects that 4X4s are used for, whether part of a larger project or where it is the only type of wood that is used. You’re probably reading this because you already know what you are using the 4X4 for, but if you have any extras, or even scrap pieces, you can look up even more fun projects to use them for.

Cutting a 4X4 with a 10-inch Table Saw

Yes, a 10-inch table saw will cut your 4X4. However, it will not cut the entire piece of wood all in one go. With the saw raised all the way so that as much of the blade sticks out as possible, you will feed the wood through the blade. You will then have to flip the wood over and cut it once again. This can be tricky as you will want to get as perfect a cut as you are able to get. If the freshly cut ends aren’t straight, it’s okay, it just means you will either have to cut the beam once again or sand it down to get that straight edge that you want.

Using the 10-inch table saw to cut a 4X4 is tricky and can take a bit of time, but it’s what quite a few people choose to do. One reason for this is because of the price. The bigger the saw, the bigger the price, which is true whether you are buying it or renting it. A 10-inch table saw is also the type of saw that most DIYers need overall because most often you won’t need a very large saw unless it is for home improvement projects.

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Most people find that, unless it is being used in a professional setting, the 10-inch saw is the best choice for most projects so more people tend to already have it or think that it’s the best choice for them. It may not be the best choice for all projects, like cutting a 4X4 in one go, but it is still able to get the job done.

Using a 12-inch Table Saw

For those that want to be able to cut a 4X4 in one go, a 12-inch table saw is the way that you should go. Since it is a larger saw, the blade can be raised more to be able to cut exactly 4-inches of material in one go. This means that it will cut 4X4s in one go very easily and quickly. The wood will need to be feed through the blade, but after that, it is done. You don’t have to worry about turning the material over and lining it up to try to cut it in the exact same place so that the freshly cut ends are perfectly straight.

The 12-inch table saw is especially great to use when you have a lot of 4X4s that will need to be cut, so for very large projects. This could be for a large deck, a very large fencing project, and many other home improvement projects. However, for those that don’t have a large project or don’t use a lot of large, thick wood, the 12-inch table saw is not the option that many people choose to go with. It takes up more room than a 10-inch saw and is more expensive.

It’s not the type of saw that many people already have on hand. It really just depends on the size of the project, the amount of material that you are working with, and future projects that you will be using the saw for. For more help with figuring out what size saw to use for cutting a 4X4, check out this blog.

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Safety Precautions

When using any power tool, it is very important that you follow all safety precautions that you can. The instructions for how to set up and use whichever saw you choose to get will have a section that has safety measures that should be taken on it, so be sure to read it.

One of the most important things is to be aware of where all of your body is in relation to the blade. Watch your fingers and hands, but also the rest of the body if you lean over the blade at all. Do not wear loose clothing as it can get caught in the blade if you do lean over it and pull your body down towards the blade, resulting in a terrible situation. When it comes to fingers, and hands in general, many saws come with pieces of metal that can be used when feeding the wood through the blade.

These tools are easier to use with larger pieces of wood as then they will be more secure on the material, but are still useful when working with a 4X4. It’s also a good idea to wear safety glasses when working with any kind of saw, but particularly a table saw. The reason behind this is that with a table saw, the blade is moving towards your body instead of away from it. This means that any wood chips will go flying towards you and your face. The safety glasses will keep these wood chips from getting in your eyes.