Clorox 2 vs. Oxiclean: Which is Best?

Finding out that there is a stain on your clothing sucks. Whether you are getting dressed in the morning and discover it, are eating and drop some food on yourself, or notice a stain after being out and about all day, there is no arguing about the fact that stains are annoying. Online, there are so many quick tips and tricks on how to remove these stains.

However, the best and most effective way of removing any and all stains on your clothing is, of course, by using a stain remover. But which stain remover is the best choice for you, Clorox 2 or Oxiclean?

Clorox2 vs. Oxiclean


Clorox 2 is best for loads with lots of very bright colors, and for stains that have been on the clothing for some time. Oxiclean is best for older clothing that needs rejuvenating and with lighter colored clothing.

Picking the best stain remover is surprisingly difficult. It also really depends on what you are washing. Clorox 2 and Oxiclean do have some similarities, like the fact that they are both easy to use and come with the tools that you will need to measure the perfect amount each time you use them.

Clorox 2 and Oxiclean do have some big differences though. For example, one uses a chlorine-based bleach while the other uses an oxygen-based bleach, one works best in hot water while the other works best in cold water. So which one should you pick to remove the stains on your clothing? To find this out, keep reading!


Clorox 2

Clorox 2 is a stain remover and color brightener. This means that it removes stains while also making your clothes bright once again. It works very well for loads of laundry that have many different colors of clothing in them. This is why it is very popular for large households since sorting the clothes by color isn’t necessary. Clorox 2 also works great for removing stains that have been on the clothing for some time. This means that if you get a stain the day after doing laundry and don’t get around to doing it for a while, Clorox 2 should still be able to get it out.

Clorox 2 vs. Oxiclean: Which is Best?

Clorox 2 is actually a chlorine-based bleach. The chlorine-based bleach helps make Clorox 2 as strong of a stain remover as it is, removing tough, old stains. It breaks the dirt and stains into smaller particles that can be washed away that much easier.

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Oxiclean is known for being able to reach deep into fabrics to remove the stains on them. This is because it is an oxygen-based bleach. This makes it safe to use on most fabrics as it won’t ruin them long term. Oxiclean is also a brightener, making faded clothes look brand new once again.

Clorox 2 vs. Oxiclean

This product comes in lots of different packages and forms, powdered being a very popular and very effective form, and can actually be used for more than just laundry. It can be used to clean bathrooms, sinks, carpets, really just about any surface you can imagine. One of the reasons Oxiclean is so popular for removing stains on clothing is because of how many other things it can be used on. People buy brands that they know, and they know that Oxiclean works well for other things so it must work well for removing stains too.


As you have now read above, Clorox 2 and Oxiclean both remove stains and brighten clothing. However, the two products have even more in common than just those two things. For example, they are both easy to use and around the same price. But, they are still two different products so they do have things that help make them stand apart from each other. One big thing that is different between them is the type of bleach they are made with, one being chlorine-based while the other is oxygen-based. For more similarities and differences between the two, read below.


Although they are made by different companies, Clorox 2 and Oxiclean both have the same purpose, removing stains. But what other similarities do the two products share? For one thing, neither of them takes much time to set up. It’s a quick and easy process that you do before tossing the clothing in the washing machine, or just sprinkling some into the machine itself, depending on what you are washing.

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They also both come with directions and tools for measuring. Much like with laundry detergent, the lids can be used to measure the amount needed or a scooper that will still show you the correct amount needed. Also, they are both very affordable and around the same price which is why many people have a hard time picking between the two of them.

Not only are Clorox 2 and Oxiclean both stain removers, but they also brighten clothing. This means that they do remove stains but they also brighten the color of the clothing at the same time. When the clothing is brightened, it can make it seem like it is brand new. This is a big reason that people are drawn to both of these products. Although cheaper products and knock-offs claim to be able to do the same thing, they just don’t give the same results as Clorox 2 and Oxiclean do. But this makes them big competitors with each other since the only other comparable product is the other.


Clorox 2 and Oxiclean are made by different companies, so they do have differences that are supposed to make you want to choose their product over their competitors. One big difference is the temperature of the water. Both products work well in hot and cold water, but Oxiclean really excels in hot water. People in cold climates like Oxiclean because they won’t have to touch cold laundry, but those trying to save water by using cold water may have better results with Clorox 2.

Another big difference between Clorox 2 and Oxiclean is the color of clothing they work best with. As mentioned above, Clorox 2 works very well with strong, bold-colored clothing. Also, since the two products come in different forms, different forms work the best. Clorox 2 is strongest in liquid form, while Oxiclen is strongest in its powdered form.

Oxiclean works best with lighter-colored clothing, which was previously mentioned above.

Clorox 2 and Oxiclean are both stain removers and have bleach in them. But Clorox 2 is more of a chlorine-based bleach while Oxiclean is an oxygen-based bleach. Why does this matter? Well, the chemicals in the products make people more and less likely to buy them. Products with lots of harsh, strong chemicals are getting bought less and less, while products with fewer chemicals or that promote greener ingredients are getting bought more.

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Chlorine can damage clothing, making holes and tears in them when it is used often and is obviously a really harsh chemical. It also has a strong chemical smell. Oxiclean is an oxygen-based bleach, so it does not have as strong of a chemical smell. It also is not as harsh on your clothing, so the colors are less likely to fade in any way. To learn more about the differences between chlorine-based bleach and oxygen-based bleach, check out this website.

Which One?

Picking between Clorox 2 and Oxiclean is not an easy choice. This is because the two products ultimately have the same goal, removing stains and brightening clothes. The choice is, of course, yours to make, but it is important to consider what you will be using the product on.

If the stain you are wanting to remove is on brightly colored clothing or a load of laundry that is a large mix of colors, or stains that have been on clothing for some time, then Clorox 2 will probably be the best option for you as long as there are no reactions using a chlorine-based bleach.

On the other hand, if you want a product that makes your clothing appear brand new, works great with hot water, or the stain is on lighter colored clothing, Oxiclean is the best option for you.

Both Clorox 2 and Oxiclean work great and do what they are supposed to do. This is why saying which one is the best is impossible. They are both great, but they are great at different things. It really just depends on what you need to be washed. So before purchasing either of these products, take a look at what the stain is on and the rest of the clothing in the house to ensure that you get the product that best fits your needs. For other stain removing products to consider, take a look here at consumer reports.